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    PUBG PC Lite: How to Download PUBG PC Lite In India And Any Other Country for Free? Ultimate Guide

    PUBG PC Lite: How to Download PUBG PC Lite In India And Any Other Country for Free? Ultimate Guide

    pubg pc lite download
    Download PUBG PC LITE Now
    It has been a week since PUBG Corp. the developer of PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds has released the light-weight version of the original PUBG game.
    However, it's still on the initial stage and also the developer's ar increasing the regions slowly, so game inaccessible worldwide and solely accessible for Thailand for
    the time being. But there is a technique with which you can download and play the game no matter in which corner of the world you are from. What you need, is your pc and a good internet connection!


    So, how can I get the game?
    Please follow the mentioned steps one by one.
    • First, go to lite.pubg.com and DOWNLOAD Game shopper. You'll find 3 moving slides when you open the website and there you can see the option Download. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome when you first open the website so that you can translate the Thai language to English for your betterment.
    • Now see the top right corner of the page. You can see the open Apply for ID. Click on it and fill out the form. MAke sure to write a valid email address as you'll have to confirm your email.
    • Once you're finished making the ID, you need a VPN software. As the game is now limited to Thailand only so the software will be used to bypass your activity on the server. You can use Nord VPN and any VPN software you like but make sure the software has a working Thai server.
    • Now install the consumer and open the PUBG PC LITE game.
    • Log in with the same ID and password you have used while filling up the ID form.
    • Now see rock bottom left, you will find update possibility that is orange in color.
    • It will start downloading the game file (1.9GB). Meanwhile, make sure to be connected to the Thai server with the VPN. Otherwise, your game will not be downloaded.
    • Once the download is complete, now its time to change your PC timezone to Bangkok, Thailand.
    • You are done. Enjoy! So you see, this is as easy as it sounds. Do not wait anymore and grab those chicken dinners!
    Final Words:
    In this post ill cover all the points. how you can play pubg pc lite pubg pc lite is releasing in India soon for more datils about the release date of PUBG PC LIte Reade Here.
    PUBG lite is targeting major audience of Game, as we can see it first launched for the Asian community.
    We can say that PUBG lite computer is free in India somewhere around between 25 to 30 Jun. For Quick Update About PUBG PC Lite Stick With Our Youtube Channel. Thanks For Visit.keep visiting.
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