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Hello, everyone, this is a note from get it so after the top 10 after year we will show you the 10 best new Android apps should check out for the month of January. so let’s begin with that video top 10 apps of the month and as usual, we will show the apps in random order.
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List Of best free android apps
In this post, we are going to show you Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for January 2020.  Some of these the best android apps recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of functionality, uniqueness, and usability.

  1. LightMV
  2. Shake Light
  3. Transno
  4. Audible
  5. Math Solver
  6. Wallex Wallpaper
  7. Lock Me Out
  8. Ps Camera
  9. Tranit
  10. Colartive

the first app be having our list is the light MV, first of all, we would like to thank you for sponsoring this video now about the app music video maker you can make photo video slide show tick tock we just need to choose a template to add photos or video clips talking about the templates please review of any template before choosing the photos and videos once you have selected a template in it to select photos and videos and the Apple auto part is a video file for you apart from this in the applicant and a video overall this is a good app for those who was a promoted business on Instagram video clips which will help you to get more engagement you can also download a video from the app itself is a good video maker and if you want to make amazing video clips quickly.

Shake Light
The next App we have our list is this Shake light check light is it free app which allows you to just check your phone to turn on the flashlight of your phone this is available in few bones by default but if you want this feature in your phone with this simple app flashlight which is shake off your phone the app autorotational phone is in your pocket settings a test possibility section vibration and also the shake sensitivity Picerno to turn on the flashlight with the big power button and the app in the free version only one orange theme but in the paid version this app anything need one desportos on Instagram and Twitter where we will be posting stories and tweet it by promo code at a time so how do you have an Instagram and Twitter right now.
Next app we having our list is the transno trans know is a proactivity app which will help you in different ways basically it's a note-taking app but it will help you to manage inodes and there is also an option here which is mine map in one click notes and share it is Lee with your friends and colleagues I have tried a lot of apps are not dating before but Crossno is a wonderful app which offers a lot of features and the best part is that it's really easy to use as well you can create mind map things easily which is Doug and Rob and also the app is enabled with cloud saying which means you can use it on multiple devices with the same progress initially will find this app it complicated but once you start using this not dating it's really easy to use especially for someone who likes to organize things that they start then I can tell you to get a special link which will give you 6 points of pro features so definitely check it out.
Download Transno
Next on the list is the audible isn't on the go listening app and it has a lot of things to entertain inspire you audibly isn't Amazon company which is offering free audio series anytime anywhere I've been using this app commuting in the app you'll find a lot of audible originals guys the content is really good and I'm surprised at this is available for free at the moment and believe me, once you start using this app will be immediately hooked to listen to different cities in episodes the sound quality of the episodes are very good person which is a horror So what are you looking for an Apple today demon purpose finish the average check out this month.
Math Solver
Next top of the month is the Microsoft math Solver Microsoft launch the new app anything ideal problems including arithmetic algebra trigonometry calculus can use this app in Deweese another problem as well and then in the second method you ca....driving Microsoft match all right now.
Wallex Wallpaper
Abbey having the list is the Wallex has a good collection of HD wallpapers and each wallpaper is handpicked to give you for an amazing look part of my quality and ask for your phone again download SD or 4 K wallpapers I have found a lot of new wallpapers in this app even though the app looks like play store but it is the collection another delivery is maintaining the app by frequency adding new wallpapers apart from that you have the usual options such as categories and you also have the sections which will show you the papers most downloaded any papers but if you want to use it without the address to music or gadget 60 which will give you 60 days of Pat retrial so download the app right now and use the code to get pro features for 60 days.
Lock Me Out
Next we have in the list is the lock me out lock me out as an app for those who are addicted to their smart phone and as a name suggest this app is simple but you lock you out from your phone but there are a lot of customizations and features available in this app in the app have the present time but you can choose from here and this will lock you out from your phone with no access to any app 20 seconds to have a quick peek or there is an option to pay the main purpose as you not going to pay ends it would restrict your phone usage about ramdisk extreme lock mode I cannot use during this rough. he can also customize your schedule the lock mode according to your usage and time of the day for all if you looking for an Apple smartphone usage then lock me out is the app you should install.
Ps Camera
Next time we have in the list is the Adobe Photoshop camera but it comes with hard body camera apps that I got up actions and play store but also they are difficult to use confusing for the casual user but recently Adobe has longer trial app which is the photoshop camera which would simplify the way you edit photos this camera app is easy to use to learn anything about editing this click a photo set apart from that in the app do some different lenses according to the photo and samerey overall I'm loving this new camera app on my 1 + 7 pro and if you want to check it out right now and do check the link to our website in the description below.
Backstab by having the list is the project plan it isn't on screen translator for your social media Facebook WhatsApp etc just simply enable the app and choose your language in your French language and after that, you have the option to talk using this magnifying lens or translate everything on the screen but using the proset all option with you translate all option everything on the screen Decapoda concert at pages apps and games language is in the position is accurate and quite fast.
AND final lap of the month is the colartive different types of wallpapers phone be app name is mix of colors and creative which means using this app you can use your own creativity any colors of your choice to create wonderful wallpapers everything happens when your phone app offline as well there are different research in the average you can choose from and then take the colors as many as you want to give you a unique quality of the final generated wallpaper is also pretty good overall if you want to customize do your set up our icons then you should check out this app and start creating some creative or papers.

Final Words
so that's it guys is worth a 10 best new Android apps we have for the month of January let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favorite new app of the month in the comment section below so that's all for now if you like this post then please present like button and subscribe to our Blog once again this Drash signing off and I'll see you in the next one.

Top 10 Best Apps for Android - Free Apps 2020 (January)

The 10 Best Apps Every Foodie Must Have On Their Phone

Best app for food delivery. can be a necessity or indulgence but good food is always appreciated. Whether you’re ordering pizza delivery or planning a romantic dinner, these apps can help you make the most of your food cravings.

List Of food Delivering Apps

  1. Swiggy Food Order & Delivery
  2. Dineout: Find Restaurants, Deals & Assured Cashback
  3. Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List
  4. HealthifyMe:Calorie Counter, Weight Loss Diet Plan
  5. Zomato - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App
1.Swiggy Food Order & Delivery
food order apps
Why we love this
  • Search using restaurants, cuisines or dishes and find food outlets based on ratings and delivery time
  • Use “Swiggy Pop” to quickly order single-serve meals without worrying about wastage or high price
  • Track your delivery guy with live-location mapping and call him for updates on your order.
Using Swiggy, you can order food & beverages online from restaurants near & around you. We deliver food from your neighborhood local joints, your favorite cafes, luxurious & elite restaurants in your area, and also from chains like Dominos, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, FreshMenu, Mc Donald’s, Subway, Faasos, Cafe Coffee Day, Taco Bell, and more. Exciting bit? We place no minimum order restrictions! Order in as little (or as much) as you’d like. We’ll Swiggy it to you!

Food per your mood: In the mood of a hot coffee? A nice biryani? Cheesy pizzas and sumptuous burgers? Or some salad & juices? You’ll find all your favorite food & beverages on Swiggy. We deliver 30+ cuisines at your doorstep including North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, and even foreign cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, and American. Healthy or junk, street food or luxury food, local or global, breakfast or late night cravings, you’ll find every food option on Swiggy.
2.Dineout: Find Restaurants, Deals & Assured Cashback
food order apps

Why we love this
  • Make reservations at over 4000 restaurants across Indian cities
  • Use “Smartpay” to save money and get cash back when paying restaurant bills through the app
  • “Gourmet Passport” membership gets you 1+1 offers on food, drinks, and even buffets
As India’s largest eating out a platform, Dineout helps over forty million diners monthly to find restaurants, get nice discounts of up to five hundredth Off and complementary dishes (Gourmet
app for food delivery
Passport) offers on food, drinks, and buffets, reserve a table, pay eating place bills to induce cashback, and think about eating place menus, reviews, photos across thirty-five,000 restaurants in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Goa, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Kochi & Surat.

Install to induce most savings at your favorite restaurants.
All Dineout users get pleasure from edges like Food Discounts, Restaurant Deals & Offers on Drinks.
Users can even reserve an eating place table with only 1 click.

3.Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List
food order apps
Why we love this
  • Find recipes with Indian and International cuisines and ingredients, save them for offline use or share online
  • Upload your own recipes with images and videos and participate in contests to win prizes
  • Follow international chefs, food critics and food blogs via curated feeds using “Follow your interests” feature
food delivered app created straightforward with many recipes on the market on a sensible platform engineered with Artificial Intelligence!

recipe book app engineered with AI and having won the Editors alternative Award double overexposes a full New World of change of state to be explored by chefs, home manufacturers beginners alike! Check out our big selection of recipes from gourmand delicacies to straightforward and easy fast bites, we've it all!

From the various direction classes on the market like Diwali recipes, Chicken recipes, Halloween recipes, Healthy recipes, Biryani recipes, Pastry recipes and far additional, providing you with an infinite alternative of mouthwatering direction
for you to try out.

The app additionally encourages you to transfer your own delicious recipes, that you'll then raise a relevant contest page to win exciting prizes!
Contests and hamper provides ways in which area unit command frequently and area unit sponsored by prime food complete. This gives our users an opportunity to win quality gifts and hampers!
4.HealthifyMe:Calorie Counter, Weight Loss Diet Plan
food order apps
Why we love this
  • This calorie counter helps you accurately track what you eat using a database of over 100,000 Indian foods
  • Syncs with Google Fit and other wearables to help you track the calories you burn and plan your diet accordingly
  • Set calorie goals, monitor your progress, and modify your daily food and fitness regimes accordingly
Track your health, weight loss, eat healthy food with HealthifyMe: your calorie counter, nutrition & food hunter.
Get a custom diet set up for weight loss designed for men with specific health goals.
Log food, count calories, set up a diet chart, track overall health, steps & workouts, water intake and document your weight loss journey with weight logs. Weight loss isn’t hard.

HealthifyMe’s calorie counter helps you thin and obtain a match with health information, fitness trackers and your specialized diet set up.
Let your calorie counter, diet chart, and nutrition calculator guide you to your fat loss goals.
Your personal food hunter motivates you to undertake healthy recipes, follow your diet set up and eat healthy food. The fitness hunter encourages you to follow your physical exertion chart, attend the athletic facility or do yoga.

best food delivery app India

5.Zomato - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App
food order apps
Why we love this
  • Find detailed reviews for restaurants to make informed decisions about food and share your opinion too
  • Order food online or book tables at restaurants that you can find based on location, cuisine, or popularity
  • “Zomato Gold” subscription gets you special 1+1 offers on food and 2+2 offers on beverages at select outlets

Zomato helps you to rummage around for and see restaurants to dine out at or order in from.
Browse through building menus, photos, user reviews and ratings to determine wherever you would like to eat and use the map feature to guide you there.

If you're in India, UAE, or Lebanon, you'll be able to add order food online for delivery, with thousands of nice food delivery restaurants to settle on from.

Final Word
Experience Speedy Delivery & Enjoy Best Food at Great Deals. Now Pay By Cash! On First 3 Orders On All Restaurants. Exclusive Offer For New Users. Order Now! Faster Delivery. Best Discounts. Top Restaurants. Now Pay By Card/Cash. Types: Pizza, Chinese.

5 Fun Apps To feed The Foodie In You

how to hack any android game

There are multiple ways of cheating in Android games, but this guide will show you one easy way to hack them all that we developed for both experienced and newbie cheaters alike and more ways to make sure you can hack 100% of any and all games you want on your Android mobile device.

HackerBot FreeFinder is a search engine for cheats that will enable you to skip all fakes, scams, human verification shams and other annoyances you regularly encounter when looking for game hacks for Android online and offline games.

All you need to do is either download the app or go to game to hack the search engine by going‘find free cheats’ button.

Now enter the name of your game to find working mods, hacks and cheating tutorials from legitimate game hacking websites. If you want to get more up to date results, then try adding the current year and the current build or game version to your search. Example: “pubg mobile mod 2019”

how to hack a game

While simply downloading hacks and mods for Android games is very easy, there are not always working downloads available for use in every single game, which is where the most reliable and most complicated way of cheating in Android games comes in: You can use Android Game Hacking Tools to manually edit the memory and modify the game app to create your own cheats.

While this method of implementing cheating options and creating trainers for Android games will require some knowledge or advanced tutorials on how to manually mod games using memory editors, decompilers, patchers, and other tools, the success rate is, in theory, a lot higher than almost any other method, since at this point every game, no matter if it is an online android mobile game or an offline one, still uses a game client that can be modded in some way.

how to hack any game on android

This last method is mostly suited for all games android on hack android since it will essentially allow you to create a bot to automatically farm unlimited gems, money, items and other goodies over time if set up correctly and if the game mechanics actually allow for it. Bots are created on a PC through the use of emulation and macro recorders + editors.

android hacking tutorial
This way of getting around the rules by using automated farming macros does not require a lot of expertise, but newbies will still struggle to make it work without learning for some time. All you basically have to do is set up your game on an Android emulator, then follow this tutorial on how to create your own macro bot for a game and get the appropriate software to do it. If done correctly a bot can automatically perform a lot of actions, get free rewards, farm missions, farm friend points, spend all your energy/stamina and so on in many, many online Android game titles.

Before you get started…
If you have lots of money you may also want to try buying game accounts, since that is technically also a way of getting a significant advantage that will sometimes get you exclusive goodies you cannot get otherwise. Using a VPN is recommended as always since it allows you to have plausible deniability in case one of your Android game accounts gets banned for using cheats.

Final Words
how to hack any game on android 2019. how to hack any game with one app. the android game hack tool on. how to hack online server android games. how to hack games on pc. how to hack games ios. how to hack android games with pc. how to hack any game on android 2018

How to Hack any Android Mobile Game easily – Works 100% for all Games!

savan pro

Are you looking for Saavn Pro for free then you are at right place. This is the latest update in that you will get to know. How you really get Saavn Pro for free on your android devices? This is updated post must check all methods till last so you will get to know which one works for you.

Check Best Saavn Alternatives We have updated Below

savan pro apk is a digital distributor of music. Like Spotify and Itunes. Saavn is an Indian company. Saavn has more than 7 Million music tracks available on it. Right Now Saavn is Streaming over 200 counties. Since it was founded in India so it has all regional Indian Music. Saavn had been found in 2007. To take access to over seven Million songs we've to transfer the Saavn app. You can download or check it out from here. Android IOS Windows Microsoft.

Saavn mod apk or Saavn pro or Saavn Cracked apk the way to Get it?

saavn mod has thus nice options therewith you'll hear music while no ads and you'll even Install music so you'll hear it the way to get Saavn Pro for complimentary or Install Saavn mod apk or Install Saavn cracked apk.

You will get all this information in this article so let’s get into it without wasting your time. has 2 variants for the Saavn Mod or Crack apk. Dark and light-weight variant each variant is obtainable for you to Install for complimentary.
Spotify Premium APK Download

Features of this app :

  • Listen to Free Music – Unlimited, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Play any song from over seven Million Songs, on-demand
  • Create and save playlists of your choice of songs.
  • Enjoy expertly curated playlists in Hindi, English, and Indian regional languages, for every occasion at once click.
  • Saavn Radio – endless music for any mood, song, or artist.
  • Browse the Top Charts for Trending music, or browse to your favorite Mood or Genre and Enjoy!

Saavn Pro

  •  transfer Unlimited Music, therefore, you'll be able to listen to it Offline
  • No ads or interruptions
  • 320kbps high-quality audio downloads
  • No contracts or obligations Just Plug and Play.

Features of this mod :

  • Removed all types of ads completely.
  • AdFree Streaming for the lifetime.
  • Removed Promotional layouts.
  • Paid “Pro” subscription is activated by default at no cost.
  • Download any song in high Premium quality (320kbps).
  • Choose between Dark / lightweight Theme (Original App has the sunshine theme and that we have created Dark Theme for users)
  • The in-app updater is there thus you'll update simply for future MOD updates also

Download Saavn Pro Modded or Cracked apk.

  • Remove your previous Saavn app from your Device if you have already got it.
  • Download the Saavn Mod or Saavn Cracked apk from Given links below.
  • Once Download Complete Install Your Saavn Pro apk.
  • Make sure that you have checked the option of “Unknown Sources” from Settings
  • Register on Saavn app with your Email id or Phone number or with Facebook to make it work.
  • If you are logging in via Facebook. If it shows you error at first time try to login again it will work.

Download Link (Light APK) For Saavn Pro: LINK

Download Link (Dark APK)For Saavn Pro: LINK

Latest Updated for Saavn Pro for free

You will need an android device and a few apps.

Easily You can use Saavn pro now. If you're fighting that you just aren't able to get free Saavn professional account then. Read this carefully, Your phone MAC address must be got blocked by Saavn. So now you need a new MAC address for that you have to root your phone but if you don’t want to root it. Then just install a parallel space app and follow the below steps. Parallel space will give your phone a new MAC address and you will able to use Saavn pro very easily.

Saavn Mod APK download from here.

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face download from here.


  • Install the Saavn Mod APK. 
  • Install the Parallel Space app. Open Parallel house and make a twin of saavn pro latest apk in it.
  • Now sign on on Saavn professional that you have got created in Parallel house. You are done.
  • So how it is done with the Parallel Space app.
  • It is pretty simple and tricky. If you have got used Saavn in older days any reasonably mod apk. Your Mac address and IMEI must get blocked by Saavn team.
  • So the Parallel app creates a new Mac Address and IMEI for your phone with that you can create the new account in mod apk. This works properly. If it won’t work for you let us know by commenting.

About JioSaavn

JioSaavn is an online Music Streaming app which has more than 45 million songs in 20 different languages. You can use this app to listen to your favorite track. It is very good as you can get all types of songs in one place so it is easy for you. As Saavn and Reliance Jio has taken the app and made it JioSaavn it is very easy for us to have music wherever we go. And Jio is also giving three months subscription free i.e for 90 days you can listen to all the music for free. For more information about JioSaavn visit our site. Go To JIOSAAVN

“Final Words

If you're Music hooked or Musicholic than you already fathom Saavn and Saavn professional.
It is the simplest Music streaming app that is accessible for our smart-phones.
Saavn has its paid service that's referred to as saavn premium apk therein you'll transfer unlimited music to pay attention offline.
So we have found a way with that how you can get Free access to Saavn pro without paying the amount so in this article you must have got all the information.

Download Saavn Pro Mod Apk | How to get Saavn Premium for free?

5 best meme generator apps for Android!

meme generator

Finding good meme generator apps can be hard. There is a large amount of them out there and most of them are pretty unhealthy. Memes are impressive things that are helpful and screaming everyplace which suggests you ought to have a decent culture generator app to assist out. Please note that these things pop up and go down all the time. The ones on the list should be around for a while, though! Check out the simplest culture generator apps for Android!

 A good meme generator app is hard to find. There are tons of bad ones trying to cash in, but these are the best meme generator apps. If you want to make memes with your own pictures on your phone, we recommend using the 8 best meme maker app on android and iPhone. Check it out!

Best meme maker app 2019

  1. GATM Meme Generator
  2. Memetic
  3. Memedroid
  4. Meme Generator by ZomboDroid
  5. iFunny, Tumblr, Giphy, etc
  6. Bonus: Web browsers
GATM Meme Generator
Price: Free / $1.95
GATM Meme Generator is one in all the few smart culture generator apps with semi-frequent updates. It includes a gallery of pictures otherwise you will bring your own pictures to culture. The app additionally comes with no watermark, comparatively recent culture templates, and comparatively good stability. It undergoes the occasional redesign, but most of its functionality remains intact. The free version contains ads. The pro version goes for $1.95 and removes ads. You can generate a lot of good memes with this one and it’s been around for a while.
Download Button

Price: Free
Memetic is a decent meme generator. Like most, it contains a library of culture templates that embrace most of the classics and a few recent memes still. You can bring your own photos and make memes from them if you, therefore, opt for. That also helps shore up any deficiencies in Mematic’s meme library. This one has a simple UI. It should be easy enough to use for most people. There is nothing really wrong with this one outside of the occasional bug. The app is completely free with no in-app purchases. However, there are ads with no way to remove them. We would’ve preferred a pro option for that.

Download Button

Which is the best meme creating app for android?

Price: Free / $2.99
Memedroid is one in every of the older culture generator apps. It features the usual stuff. You’ll realize a bunch of previous and new memes ripe for generating. You can conjointly transfer your own photos and GIFs and caption those further. In alternative words, it will the fundamentals for what makes a decent culture generator app. There aren’t a lot of extra features. In this case, that’s sensible as a result of it allows you to simply surf memes and so create your own. Their ar some offensive ads and also the app will crash from time to time. Other than that, it’s pretty good.
Download Button

Meme Generator by ZomboDroid
Price: Free / $2.99
ZomboDroid’s Meme generator is maybe the most effective of the culture generator apps for a range of reasons. For starters, it's a paid version with no ads.
That’s already refreshing. It additionally options over one,000 culture templates, the power to create your own memes, a good search, categories, frequent updates with newer memes, and more. They even have a recent version for older Samsung devices thanks to AN unfixable bug. It’s one of the more stable options. This developer also has a video and GIF meme app as well as a meme soundboard in case you want to surf other types of media memes.
Download Button

iFunny, Tumblr, Giphy
Price: Free with ads (usually)
Tumblr, iFunny, and Giphy are 3 well-liked apps that represent a singular form of acculturation generator. They all do different things first. Tumblr is a blog site that used to be fun before its NSFW ban, iFunny is a comedy app for wasting time while surfing other memes, and Giphy is a repository for GIFs. However, all three of these apps also include functionality to generate various types of memes.

Tumblr and iFunny deal chiefly with still image acculturations and you've got to bring your own pictures to meme. Giphy deals exclusively in the GIF format, but you can upload your own and add captions, thus creating your own meme. It’s nice to see apps starting to include this type of functionality by default.
Download Button

Which is the best video meme creating app for android?

Bonus: Almost any web browser
Price: Free (usually)
There are a bunch of meme generator websites. You can find them easily with a quick search. Thankfully, we live in the modern era of mobile technology and most of those sites work fine on a mobile browser. This is the preferred solution for those who just want to make the occasional meme without a dedicated app.

A culture app may fit higher for those that do up memes ofttimes. In any case, the browser generally doesn’t matter. It should work with most of them. You simply find one of the popular websites like ImgFlip,, KapWing, MakeAMeme, etc and go from there. We have a list of the best browser apps for Android linked at the button above if you’re looking for one!
Download Button

5 best meme generator apps for Android!

Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator APK + OBB v0.8.9 (Full) for Android

real flight simulator apk data

Special discounted BETA Price! RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB Data Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK of RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod + Data OBB.

It’s tough to live in a normal life. Yes to become a real pilot because it requires a lot of challenging courses and qualifications. You will have to undergo a long period of training as well as you have to bring yourself into extremely harsh frameworks to become a capable driver. Because of this difficulty, very few people have the real experience of taking control of an airplane. But no matter how difficult it is, with modern technology you can still be relieved. The answer lies in the emulator games that a lot of people search on Google Play. RORTOS is one of the most well-known publishers in making flight simulator games. They even created a kind of Rortos Flight Engine to maximize all the features of a flight simulator game. That’s why the publisher himself has at least 20 games with extremely different customization of the types of aircraft they support. This success has created an excellent reputation for game publishers; every game they launch has achieved very high sales.

Takeoff, landing or full flight
RFS – Real Flight Simulator uses its own engine, so it creates an entirely different smoothness compared to other products of the same category. Until now, there doesn’t seem to be any game that can overcome its 3D graphics format. “RFS” has successfully described how a civilian aircraft is used to transport its passengers around the world. With a description that uses many different angles, it has brought the newest experience. The colors of the game are also bright, and the passing scenes are depicted in real style. You will be adventuring to all over the world, wonders in China, Egypt, and Europe are described exactly as they are. This is also a valuable opportunity for you to travel for free.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK Free Download

Satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures, and air traffic seem to be the things that you work with most in the game. Players will have to follow the map on a regular basis to know where they are in the sky. It will be using the highest resolution so you can identify every little detail of the rabbit and every small situation going on so that you can make the best decision for your flight. Once you have reached the destination, you must contact the air traffic stations on the ground to be allowed to safely land and take visitors to where they want. The game will be shown on a real-time flight; once you jump on board, it will officially take part in a long journey like a clock. The unique point is that pilots circulating in the sky will be put into a chat room so they can communicate with cool people and plan lesson plans in detail. ATC controllers are always the most powerful support tool for users to customize their directions in the most accurate way.

Automatic creation of a flight plan
The pilot community in the game is also quite crowded as they have created many support teams that always give useful advice. In the course of the game where you encounter difficulties, please visit the community and ask questions. Also, they have a pleasure to decorate their aircraft. “RFS – Real Flight Simulator” provides you with many different aircraft components. When you take a break and have a reward from your flights, use it quickly. If you love the aircraft you are using, buy more parts that decorate it. Part of it is to make it more beautiful, partly to increase performance. If you can earn a lot of money, don’t hesitate to buy a new plane. If it is calculated, it will be cheaper than buying and shaking each part and assembling while the function is still equal.

Overview & Features of RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod + Data

Challenges in the game take place regularly when you are involved in a flight. First of all, the terrain makes the takeoff and landing much more difficult. When you are in the process of moving, the weather will get worse, and coordination with the air station is necessary. Planning and coordinating with the coordinator will definitely help you land safely. Also, when you are flying, keep track of the problematic wind direction and many other factors.

Fly in any a part of the planet and explore sceneries and airports in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures, and traffic.
Live singular expertise due to the advanced flight system, manage all controls and alter all airplanes, their gauges, failures, and climate.
Jump on board of real-time flights and manage flight plans sort of a real pilot or set autopilot and revel in the read.

-Take off, landing or full flight
-Automatic creation of a flight plan
-Multiple options to create/edit/duplicate complex flight plans
-Date/time: CUSTOM/REAL (with night and day cycle)
-Flight set up with procedures for DEPARTURE, ARRIVAL, APPROACH e TRANSITION (SID e STAR)


-40.000 real-time flights every day
-Real-time traffic for the thirty-five largest airports within the world and their connected destinations

-Jump on any on the market real time flight and produce it to the destination (or where you want…)

ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: alter your instruments and gauges

AIRCRAFT: HD, Custom liveries, 3D cockpit, working parts, light, multiple airplanes, more coming soon (All planes only PRO)

35 HD: High res satellite imagination, lifelike 3D buildings, taxiways and departure, arrival and approach procedures

500 SD: Runways, 3D buildings and departure and approach procedures

14000 SDL (only PRO): Runways and departure and approach procedures

Ground and air traffic (only PRO)

SATELLITE parcel (only PRO): High definition worldwide satellite terrains

SATELLITE HEIGHTMAPS (only PRO): High definition worldwide heightmaps
(Satellite data requires an online connection to stream data)
-ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM – INSTRUMENTS: Primary Flight show, Navigation show, Flight Management System, Map, Engines, Fuel, Analog Altimeter/Anemo

-ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM – INDICATORS: Air/Ground/Vertical Speed, Heading, Altitude AGL/ASM, ETE Next/Destination, Destination, Next Waypoint, Nearest Airport, Ground/OAT Temperature, Wind, Activity/Flight/UTC/Local/Arrival Time, Load and Fuel, N1, V-Speeds and more

-ILS Instrument Landing System
-CONTROLS: Main Throttle, Flaps, undercarriage, Spoiler, Brake, Rudder, and Pushback


-ENGINES: Start/Stop Engines, Separated Throttles, ANTI FIRE
-FUEL: Weight equalization, fuel marketing, and real fuel consumption


-MAP: air topography with airports and waypoints.
Detailed aerodrome read (HD Airport) + FMC and flight set up

-QUICK ACTIVITY: Runway/Gate Takeoff, Landing, Short Landing, Next Waypoint and Current Position

-AIRCRAFT: Full Customization (Load/Passengers/Fuel) anytime during your flight
LIVERIES: produce your heavier-than-air craft liveries and share them with alternative players round the world.

FREE TRIAL: strive every week of RFS professional free of charge.
Instant activation, no subscription required.
For issues with the sport and suggestions please write to

What’s New:
Revised external lights and strobe flashing sequences
New wing landing lights (only on supported devices)
Volumetric fog (only on supported devices)
New zoomed cockpit camera
IAS (indicated Air Speed) support
A320-200 new overhead panel
The notched and rounded devices support
Performance improvements
Replay bug fix
IAS bug fix
Bug fixes
This app has no advertisements
RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB – Technical Details

Before you begin full RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB Download, you can read below technical APK details:

Full Application Name: RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod

Supported Android Versions: Varies with device
APK File Name: RFS_0.6.4__mod.apk
APK File Size: 57 MB
OBB Data File Name:
OBB Data File Size: 294 MB
Official Play Store Link:

RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB knowledge Free Download

So Excited to download?
Well, click on below 1st button to start out transfer RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK. This is one direct link of RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod.

The Second Button is to transfer the OBB record of RFS – Real trainer v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator is a great game for those who want to be a pilot. The game has beautiful graphics. Besides, the flight data and weather are all collected from the actual data. Therefore, the game always creates authentic feelings for players. Moreover, you can also fly with other players around the world and chat with them via textbox. Current, the game is available on Google Play for free to download. If you want to unlock all features, you need to pay extra to own the Pro package. The Pro features include advanced flight plans, real-time flights, and high-definition terrain experience. Gamers can download the game at the link below.

How to install?

Download all the files we have provided.
Install APK file as usual.
Unzip the file OBB then copy it to the Android / OBB path. The correct result is Android / OBB / it.rortos.realflightsimulator / realflightsimulator.obb

Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator APK + OBB v0.8.9 (Full) for Android

Panda Gamepad Pro APK 1.3.4 for Android | Download Panda Gamepad

Panda Gamepad Pro APK is an AN application that enables you to attach a gamepad to your mobile to be ready to control and manipulate additional merely.

Panda Gamepad Pro BETA v 1.2.3 APK Patched 1.2.3 APK file for 4.0 and Up or Blackberry (BB10 OS) or Kindle Fire. Panda Gamepad Pro BETA v one.2.3 APK Patched could be free Apps Games. It's the newest and latest version of Panda Gamepad professional BETA v one.2.3 APK Patched ().It's easy to transfer and install to your movable (android phone or blackberry phone). Read the detail below and attend the download page.

panda gamepad pro beta apk

Please remember that solely share the initial and free apk installer for Panda Gamepad professional BETA v one.2.3 APK Patched one.2.3 with none cheat, crack, unlimited gold, gems, patch or any other modifications.

Outstanding features
The first outstanding feature is that the simplicity of the interface, users will totally explore the options of this application. The simplification of the interface of the application contributes to making gamers feel comfortable because they can easily get used to it.
how to use panda gamepad pro
Not only that, Panda Gamepad professional isn't only designed with an easy interface however additionally has several different outstanding options. For other applications, you need to clone your application to use the gamepad. And so there will be two similar apps on your home screen. This is a minus point because sometimes you will mistake the normal application and the inactive handle will cause you to waste time logging in again. But Panda Gamepad Pro allows users to directly use the applying while not duplicating.

In addition, the application also has some other features such as allowing you to log in and synchronize settings with your Google Play account. This is very convenient if you want to reinstall the device or buying the new phone, you can still continue to use the settings that you edited earlier.

In parallel with the superiority that this application owns, there are still many limitations because this is still just a Beta version. Panda Gamepad Pro totally supports wireless gamepad solely, however, it doesn't settle for a mouse with wireless keyboards.
Therefore, you need to take note of this to avoid wondering why the application does not accept the device.

A big minus point for the application is that you need to root. It is well known that rooting a phone is risky and can turn your phone into a brick for a moment if it goes wrong.
However, another way to activate the application is that you need a computer to run the external trigger. The publisher also made full instructions and you just need to follow.
As I said, the application is in beta, so the performance of the game may be affected. Adding an external application to interfere with the game can make the game more heavy and memory-intensive, which can cause jerks and lag for a weakly configured phone while you’re playing.

Download Panda Gamepad Pro for Android (APK)

Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) v1.1.1 [Patched] APK – Technical Details
Before you start full Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) v1.1.1 [Patched] APK Download, you can read below technical APK details:

Full Application Name: Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) v1.1.1 [Patched]
Supported Android Versions: 4.4+
APK File Name: Panda+Gamepad+Pro+1.1.1+[LightOne].apk
APK File Size: 5.6 MB

My comment
Panda Gamepad professional is admittedly a decent application and straightforward to use.
There are some minor errors, so this app needs help and support from users. If you encounter errors during use, please notify the publisher so that they can fix and improve their application. Download and experience this amazing app completely free via the link below the article.

If you are an Android Game lover like me, then you must try this app. Latest MOD APK will keep updating the download link 

Panda Gamepad Pro APK 1.3.4 for Android | Download Panda Gamepad