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Looking for something free to play on the iPhone or Android? We've got you covered with some newly released mobile games.
Ios games

Every month there is a lot of new Android games and IOS games release every month. We sort through Playing. Here is the list of 10 best free iOS and Android games of January 2020 So Lets start.
Games we are covering in these post
  1. World Robot Boxing 2
  2. Dream League Soccer 2020
  3. Extraordinary Ones
  4. Arknights
  5. AI Dungeon
  6. G.I. Joe: War On Cobra
  7. Magic: ManaStrike
  8. Vengeance
  9. Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem
  10. Warface: Global Operations
All Download Link Are: Here
World Robot Boxing 2
World robot boxing 2 which is exactly what it sounds like it is a fighting game it is very arcade and the controls are actually quite intuitive you do a lot of swiping for moves not as easy to explain but visually I think it's super easy to understand what's going on swiping is controlling what you're looking at like the way that this works I'm not 100% sure why they call it robot boxing it's definitely more than boxing it's like just a fighting game but it also gives you various RPG elements some progression systems and looks cool like they definitely created a somewhat unique look for this and considering a lot of robot games don't actually have a unique look that's good fun game intuitive one controls cool unique look that's more than enough to get me in the door and once I played it for a while very fun I think you will enjoy world robot boxing 2.

Dream League Soccer 2020
it's dream league soccer 2020 we have in this game is an overhaul soccer game with a lot of FIFA pro license players I'm gonna go ahead and say I have not played previous site orationes but according to what I've been seen it is an overhaul an improvement on particularly things like AI the animation is now motion captured it was in previous I'd rationes not having the experience of the previous games I'm gonna go ahead and say I think there's a pretty darn good soccer game or football game depending on what part of the world you're from I wish we live in the United States and therefore we called the wrong thing apologies to everyone I'm not gonna go ahead and say like the most important thing in the world to me is soccer games but as far as I'm concerned this does actually hold up to what I expect out of a soccer game I enjoyed it I had a fun time I'm somebody who tends to just it was FIFA because I'm fairly satisfied with FIFA but this works I mean this is a very good game I have very little to complain about however I will also say I don't have a whole lot to like say is particularly unique about the game either you build a team you play soccer the soccer is fun I don't know what more you can really ask for out of it so if that sounds good for you dream league soccer 2020 definitely delivers on its promise.

Extraordinary Ones
extraordinary ones a 5 on 5 mobile which is extremely anime influence but you can even honestly take the anime on that out of it and this is a great mouba this isn't a game that overhauls this genre in any way but it's a very good take on it it comes off very action packed there are 34 heroes they add heroes weekly and they have various progression systems in the game pudding a social progression system because it's anime and of course they're going to put social stuff into it but it actually has a decent means of finding player is that you can quote make friends with unquote I'm not gonna necessarily say your gonna make like friends for life in this game you're probably gonna make a roster of players that you're good to play extraordinary ones with which isn't a bad thing that's a good thing actually I'm sure there will be life long friends from it but that's not my business it's a pretty game although if you don't really love what anime looks like you probably won't love the visuals it's heavily anime influence but I like it they start new ones as hell of game honestly just play it give it a shot if you're interested in the mobile.

Arknights again that successfully blends a lot of different types of things it is an RPG first and foremost it is Fallout Shelter some respect but not allot you build a base though and you will be reminded of Fallout Shelter and the battling is somewhere in between strategy and a tower defense game there is new wants but I think that it is something you will enjoy it's oddly unique you don't get a lot of that but the whole package comes together really well honestly a lot of these disparate elements could frankly suck and I know I've seen games try to do almost the same thing before but this works I love the graphics of it you get 3 D environments with Jadran characters and they look fantastic great animation I think you'll definitely want to give are connected shot I enjoyed it.

AI Dungeon
AI dungeon this is again that I'm gonna just go ahead and say is really neat as lichen I experiment on its own and actually a pretty interesting damn that I enjoyed playing as a whole basically the premises you can do anything you want in this text-based dungeon crawl in-game and the artificial intelligence will adapt the story it's trying to tell you to the actions that you input now this thing doesn't always get things right sometimes is fairly incoherent yolyn put something because you literally type in what you want to do and it will not know what to do and give you something ridiculous that's fine in my opinion it's acceptable because this is such a different experience I think that that's fine what they're doing with this game is in my opinion just really neat it gives you a lot of freedom and in most cases gives you satisfying story to go along with that freedom which is not normal normally it's actually pretty good I'll say.
G.I. Joe: War On Cobra
GI Joe war on cobra which is essentially a strategy game with an emphasis on collection I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not a lot of unique stuff it's a lot of other things that you've seen elsewhere and it does work you'll get a lot of clash of clans vibes from this game to be intent is to get you collecting lots of cards build a base defend the base attack other bases its a good game with a great IP I'm not gonna go on about it I think you understand just from looking at it it is worth your time if you're interested in a GI Joe version of these mechanics.

Magic: ManaStrike

Magic Man Strike game that again is not going to rock your socks off with the concept of it but I think that the execution of this is pretty darn good if you're familiar with class for real this is that kind of a game it's not your vertical orientation is horizontal and what sets us apart from clash Royale itself is a lot of the options that you're able to bring in after you played a card you still retain some degree of control over what's going on you get cards from defeating enemies and what I'm basically going to say to you is if you like this kind of game this is probably one of the better examples out there I enjoyed magic man. I'm not gonna claim to you that it is something new or innovative I am going to claim it is something good


Vengeance and you're gonna just flip when you hear this single-player RPG that's not the kind of game you see on mobile that often so believe me when I say it's quite welcome it's got a pretty good there it if that I think is more than serviceable especially given the total absence of this genre in the mobile game space like there's very few single-player RPG's on mobile there also adding content fairly often it will remind you of Diablo and more than one occasion I enjoyed I'll probably keep playing it is especially given the fact that it easy in development they are adding content they are changing things and in my opinion it's something that's more than a little promise at vengeance is a great game check it out it's currently just on Android I'm sure it'll end up on iOS is well.

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem
Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem mayhem is a game that bills itself is it 3 versus 3 tank Brahler in which you get to create your own tank it's essentially a dualistic shooter that is slow pace because tanks are not fast and that is not to say the game is not 10 cities tent its cute C but it's temp honestly this is just a really refreshing fun multiplayer game honestly I think this has staying power it's something that is very different in the multiplayer space on mobile and he really works well I had a helluva lot of fun with that I'm going to continue playing it I do think there is definitely going to be stuff that happens later on in this game's lifecycle that makes it significantly better because it's got a very strong base and I think pico tanks is definitely worth your time and it.

Warface: Global Operations
Warface: Global Operations present some competition to Call of Duty mobile and yeah it's actually pretty good I'll say right off this game advertises itself is having PC quality graphics that's kinda silly it doesn't it looks decent but it's really the action that matter is and that's where the game shines it is absolutely a great first-person action shooter with a lot of customizable character aspects weapons aspect it's a little more open-ended I think then Call of Duty mobile the controls are really tight and my one complaint is that it really aggressively monetize itself well not quite being the landmark release that Call of Duty mobile is and frankly how do T mobile does less with monetization anything they really could have done is beating it in that category and it probably have made up for the back but it's not quite as good however if you're just not a Call of Duty fan this is well above what you would expect for just some competition for Call of Duty mobile it's actually really fun.

10 best free IOS and Android games of January 2020

Hello everyone welcomes back. we've got another great list for you today featuring the top 10 best offline and adventure games for Android. if you're new here then please hit the subscribe button. So without wasting any time let's get started.
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offline adventure games for android

Top 10 best free offline android games
  1. 🎮 Red's Kingdom
  2. 🎮 Eden Renaissance
  3. 🎮 Stela
  4. 🎮 The Cave
  5. 🎮 Toby The Secret Mine
  6. 🎮 Chronology
  7. 🎮 Love You to Bits
  8. 🎮 Valiant Hearts The Great War
  9. 🎮 Nihilumbra
  10. 🎮 Lumino City

best offline adventure games for android

Red's Kingdom
Red's Kingdom help lead redone journey across the land in search of us missing nuts overcoming obstacles in this charmingly epic isometric puzzle adventure solving puzzles define new routes and places to explore battle making Max Kuehne meet new friends and discover new abilities to advance your quest keep a keen eye out for hidden pass and uncover secrets help you on your journey save your father reclaim the price Golden nut and beat mad King Max once and for all.

Eden Renaissance
Eden Renaissance this game is a thrilling termbase puzzle adventure sat in a luxurious world popper get deep and moving storytelling you please read the young archaeologist after joining the goal of Eden in his quest will see his face time to the various survival of planet earth think explore unlock forgotten skills and cooperate with even on your journey to save the world.

Stella is a cinematic atmospheric adventure platformer game about a young woman witnessing the final days of a mysterious ancient world overcome daunting challenge is treacherous terrain and gargantuan beast will chipper manipulate the environment, yes DeAndre screechers undercover of muted landscapes survive sweeping environments including the stereo's downs adding horist in massive subterranean ruins brought to light in an atmosphere experience.

The Cave
The Cave Descend into the mysterious depths of the Cape in this adventure game from monkey island creator Ron Gilbert and double fine productions open likely ventures each with their own unique personalities and stories and descend into the heart of a sprawling Cindy it came in order to find that which is most important to each of them the cave is had Molina to spruce up the place so prepare to dive deep and solve the puzzles in with an exotic locations including a subterranean amusement park and fully armed nuclear research facility.

Toby The Secret Mine
Toby The Secret Mine is a charming and sell it platformer adventure game with plenty of fun challenges and difficult to overcome a peaceful way of life in a small village in the mountains was throwing into disorder someone's kidnapping most of its residents a couple of friends but none of them have returned in want to just sit and wait so he decided to find them by himself he went to the near deep forest but he soon realized that this is just the beginning go with Erie adventure in a dark and creepy world full of dangerous situations enemies and challenging puzzles.

Chronology other platform adventure starting the adventure in this nail in chronology you manipulate the past and the future in order to fix the present please need own adventure and his sidekick this nail and take advantage of their special abilities some puzzles by traveling back and forth then or pressing time switch between 2 and lovable characters with different abilities and combined the story unfolds learn how the main character has already played a central role in shaping the future of his world it makes his elements from different times and different cultures.

Love You to Bits
Love You to Bits this game is a crazy cute purely visual puzzle feel the point and click sci-fi adventure spending all around the universe you will both the journey of cosmo and clumsy rookie space Explorer in search of Nova is robot girlfriend after a fatal accident all of numbers pieces get scattered in outer space so now cause about once during all numbers beds rebuild her and get back together explore the street fantastic aliens spacetime puzzles and hidden objects to collect as you complete levels you will discover Costco with no was heartbreaking love story.

Valiant Hearts The Great War
Valiant Hearts The Great War immerse yourself in the touching story up for unsung heroes swept up by World War one active graphic novel action puzzles in adventure value hearts the great war is a 4 part episode of game inspired by letters from World War one additional episodes are available as well in after just says this game has features such as blade graphic novel exploration action at bases all the story of these bacon jards relive the great war and interact with history.

Nihilumbra discover the beautiful join porn on his adventure to find himself absolute nothingness the boy but somehow he separates himself from the black emptiness in appears in this world this is where his longan seen again she will learn how to use the colors around him in transform the world however his experiences come at a high price the voice must be what it seeks to reclaim him and will never stop chasing him destroying everything in its path along the way to survive to get an evitable obliteration by the void.

Lumino City
Lumino City is about to award-winning hand made puzzle adventure game by exploring the city and using your ingenuity piece together all sorts of puzzling mechanisms help the people who live in its unique world discovered gardens in the sky tower road high other than men's water wheel and house is done for curiously in the clips to create the environment a 10-foot high model city was built by hand with individually bring the scenes to intriguing life along the way.

Wrap Up
OK everyone thank you so much for reading if you like that post please don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe And Checkout to this Android Games Posts. Thanks For Visit And we will See you in the next Post.

Top 10 Offline Adventure Games For Android

Here In This List, We Got You covered With the Latest Games | Upcoming Open Word Games In 2020. New Games 2019 | 2020. open world games are as big as ever taught great new ones coming this year today on DrashGaming the top 10 new open-world games of 2020.

just a quick disclaimer before we get started there are a few games we are excluding from this Final Fantasy 7 remake, for instance, it's going to be grand in scale but it doesn't necessarily look like an open world vampire the masquerade bloodlines hubs and we are going to talk about because there's very little chance will see that this year.
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new games

  1. No More Heroes 3
  2. Dying Light 2
  3. Everwild
  4. Gods & Monsters
  5. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
  6. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
  7. Watch Dogs Legion
  8. Elden Ring
  9. Ghost of Tsushima
  10. Cyberpunk 2077
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Unannounced Assassin’s Creed

Let's Look At The New Upcoming Open Word Games Of 2020

No More Heroes 3

starting off at number 1 is no more heroes 3 it's been 10 years since the previous number Travis strikes again which can last year. If you're unfamiliar no more heroes is an action-adventure hack and slash game basically intended to kind of be a humorist take on comic book stuff it's kind of hard to explain in a short period time but the gameplay is a lot of fun that will most likely put a smile on your face one way or the other it does get a little extreme sometimes but not be could be worse no more heroes 3 is coming out on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

Dying Light 2
Numbar 2 is dying light 2 which looks actually add a very large amount of ideas to an already pretty good game dying light one of course we will be seeing the parkour skills of the original game lining number of hardcore moves with the big development is the emphasis on narrative they are attempting to do something pretty ambitious to say the least they want to make a story that is significantly more reactive to players choice is that what you might expect the developers are calling it a sandbox which gives you choices that have genuine consequences now keeping in mind we played games that have advertised this idea for a very long time and well we have been presented choices in games in doesn't always live up to the rhetoric so to speak the thing that makes me interested in this is that it's not really something that developers and publishers of tried to sell it so that makes me think that the technology developed dying light so we already know that the gameplay itself is probably going to be good because they build on that time like to his sadly been delayed from its initial spring release techland in Square Enix have deleted because they say the game needs more time and there not sure exactly how much so currently it's delayed indefinitely anything like that I'm sure they'll give us more information soon but we don't know when it's gonna come out as of right now.

coming in at number 3 is ever wild a new game for graphically speaking you can really tell looking at ever wild the mark that legend of Zelda breath of the wild has left on the game in world they actually do that same thing there's not a ton of information on this game out right now we know it's an action-adventure game we know it's open-world we know it's very pretty and rare purported to offer engaging in meaningful experiences now I would hope that basically any games on some level whether it be through gameplay enjoyment bring you some sort of meaningful experience I mean just simple funny we will keep you updated as we find out more about this game we don't have a release date but we're supposed to see it sometime this year.

Gods & Monsters
number 4 is gods and monsters comes to us from the creators of Assassin's Creed Odyssey for you be saw this is another game like I said that you can really feel the weight of Zelda breath of the wild on and in truth is a lot of things I think are really intriguing about this we've seen this sort of types of open-world games that you be softmax but they typically don't go for such a distinct aesthetic in those games he has some of them they have dove into that and are very pretty but I would say that this game really stands out there's really nothing like this in the U be soft catalog and if we know kind of what we're getting gameplay-wise when comparing it to Assassin's Creed autocrine knowing that the developers from that game or the ones were taking this cartoon making it about monsters in about defeating monsters honestly, in my opinion, is really intriguing gods and monsters is coming to PC Xbox One PS 4 and Nintendo switch 2020.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
number 5 is Mount and blade 2 banners Lord way back in 2012 like its predecessor it is an action role playing game with an emphasis on strategy with this basically means if you've ever played the original is that it's kind of a management slash strategy game it's kind of a sandbox which sound like 3 pretty desperate things but when the original Mount and blade came out in 2008 it wasn't really like graphically a powerhouse in any way and it got a lot of God for that but the way the game was set up with more than intriguing was really enjoyable game and it's really nice to see that same idea broad in too much better-looking graphics because get it was not a good looking guy I don't think is gonna win any awards for graphics is just such a turn around that comparing the 2 games is like wow there's a lot of new stuff to look forward too as well which gives him much more combat oriented experience but that doesn't mean it's a different game altogether in the single player you will be able to persuade people a well-executed persuasion system can really drastically improve and I'm looking forward to that I'm just looking forward to playing it though is releasing in march for early access date but look for it on steam.
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
6 is Dragon Ball Z cachora this is the game that has a lot of expectations and 4 lot of people meets them but it's not necessarily for everyone let's just say the starts a little bit slow but in my opinion when it gets going it's really a worthwhile game it's not perfect but not really upset about the level of imperfection for me it's a game that needed to be made and is a satisfyingly madcam it's not gonna rock your socks off with new features or anything it's an open world game it delivered some high octane dragonball combat and enjoyable game it's not the most innovative thing I've ever played it's just one really cool looking game that gives you the entire Dragon Ball saga I enjoyed the hell out of it I'm not gonna tell you that it's perfect I like it but just for have baseball and how fun this game is in my opinion kind of overcomes the lack of innovation is pretty much the best Dragon Ball story video game it's out now for PS 4 Xbox One and PC I would definitely recommend playing it.

Watch Dogs Legion
Numbar 7 we talked about how there are some games I'm done a good job creating a look and the watchdog series has done exactly that this one in particular looks to really take the ball and run with it though is set in a hypothetical alternate future Britain, where brexit is taken everybody in a police state direction focus is on creating a resistance to the police date which is obviously powered by CTOS the operating system that the series is based around this, is taking the Grand Theft Auto 5 route and giving us multiple protagonists to play it personally I think that's a good move for this game particularly or that kind of story more so than even Grand Theft Auto it were talking about building a hacker resistance the only seeing one person's perspective on that might actually get kinda boring after awhile but the characters themselves look to bring more than just narrative difference is they actually will have different skills and honestly I think that this may be a landmark game for the watchdogs franchise 4 and 5 Xbox One Xbox series X windows and stidia sometime this year.

Elden Ring
8. Elden ring the collaboration between from software and George RR Martin this is kind of the from software pen world experiment with all these souls like formula essentially work with the world wide open in some respects I think we've seen a little bit of a preview of what we may see without and ring with action albeit with an entirely different aesthetic story etc particularly interested in is the George RR Martin collaboration the way that worked out is George RR Martin apparently did the world-building elements of it and me is aki and from basically filled in actual story that's a pretty interesting way of doing a collaboration in I have some pretty high hopes for Eldon ring honestly from southwest never really let us down before why would you start now will be out sometime this year box one.

Ghost of Tsushima
Number 9 is ghost of tsushima which is an action adventure game with the stealth twist basically this was revealed and I was already ready for it it is absolutely gorgeous looking damn it comes to him options and follows the last samurai on sushi mahail and back in the 13th century know the central conflict of the game is apparently the m***** invasion of Japan about the fantasy of becoming a samurai in which you will over the course of the game learn to the way of the ghost which is apparently a prerequisite vertep eating the m***** empire plenty about this game remains a mystery, for now, Bud punch created the infamous series and apparently in serving as the inspiration for the transversal techniques that the main character of this game will be employed so I think that can give us a little bit of a hint as to how the game will play element and that just comes out of the words so combining these 2 things makes me very interested on top of that like I said ghost of tsushima is gorgeous it's coming a PlayStation 4 in quarter 2 or quarter 3 of this year.

Cyberpunk 2077
and finally the Number 10 Cyberpunk probably the biggest game of the year probably the game that we all want to play the most in cyberpunk cyber punk do we haven't already said I don't know how you could not know what it is but just to distill it looks a lot like first-person Grand Theft Auto in the coolest looking city of all time to say I'm ready to jump into the world to cyberpunk is such a massive understatement I cannot wait its gonna be landing on windows PS 4 Xbox One.

bonus game for you it's not quite the same thing its Microsoft Flight Simulator the reason we don't say it's quite the same thing is because you're flying I mean it's definitely very cool that you'll be able to fly around all over the place that's not a new thing for flight simulator but it's been a while is definitely cool to see the new flight simulator game.

Coming out dragon which is a totally new type of Yakuza: Like a Dragon again and will not be truly real-time combat instead it's a turn-based RPG style combat which is really a bold choice that I'm pretty interested in seeing, to be honest.

Next is Animal Crossing New Horizons which is a bigger and better version of the classic life send that absolutely everybody who owns a Nintendo product it least Nosov but a lot of people really love this series, of course, I think basically everybody with the Nintendo switches PT Asessions Creed game that is apparently coming in 2020 it is rumored to take place during the Viking a little out of speculation that will be called Assassin's Creed Ragnarok but none of that is even vaguely confirmed so keep that in mind honestly I do think that would be a great era to do it especially given the depth that we've seen see an origin.
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Final Words
most excited for thinking of you like this Post please like if you're not subscribed as a great time to do some Post every day of the week subscribe and enable all notifications very much for watching this video will see you next time right here.

Top 10 NEW Open World Games of 2020

Which are the best offline games for android? It's currently hard to find the best offline android games for your device well don't worry 'cause we got you covered. Hey, folks, this is Drash again and we back with another great list for the top 10 best games for Android and iOS in 2020.

Best Offline Games In Android

List Games : 

  1. Mine blast
  2. Cyberpunk 2069
  3. The Swords of Ditto
  4. Gado Fight
  5. Overleague Race The Glory
  6. Super Dragon Shadow Fight
  7. Draw Chilly
  8. Stick fight Battle
  9. Mission Ammunition
  10. Pascal's Wager
Links Here: Download
Mine blast

let's jump into it first off in our list is my blast my glasses a platformer game featuring curl from super get dells with blue destructible environments last walls to open your way less oil appraised of my precious chips and also blessed there is no limit your grade dimming this game has some features such as blood destructible environments and physics quality pixel art graphics and chiptune music lots of hidden secrets and levels supercut dill's characters hours and hours of fun gameplay.

Cyberpunk 2069

Next up we got cyberpunk 2069 Welcome to city 178 dark dystopian cyberpunk city in the year 2069 city 17 from the holes of the hacks Corporation shoot destroy all enemies in an action-packed cyberpunk environment your enemies are armored and jump but no one walks with their head music up the game it's beautiful world each level is uniquely designed around different cyberpunk inspired theme submachineguns shotguns and sniper rifles.

Best Android Games Free

Overleague Race The Glory

Next up we got over Over league Race The Glory is one of the best racing games packed with john's action shooting and explosions challenge yourself in this fast-paced driving game pick your favorite car from garage plus different metal machines with unique look at variety of items I'll just from a wide variety of decals wheels Nitro planes drift tail and car paint the cars look so polished that you may want to touch them the tracks play an important role in racing games there are many maps for you to play.

Super Dragon Shadow Fight

Next up we got  Super Dragon Shadow Fight if you love to stick man battle game get ready for the exciting stickman battles super dragon shadow fight each shuttle battle you'll be back to your childhood remember what you were traded this game has such as easily control your favorite Dragon Ball fighters over 10 characters with unique dragon ball fighting styles upgrade at Unique power level each fighter.
Draw Chilly

Next topic we got draw chilly is a hell of an arcade game we take on the role of Vladimir Yep Suburgatory at the request of your employers horsemen of the apocalypse as you upgrade the city and help Vladimir in his squad grow stronger you'll learn the backstories of each of your main enemies so you see at least the 4 horsemen this city gives you NBC assistance and squad members and abilities let blood super tough boss fights reasonable.

Best Android Games

The Swords of Ditto

Next up we got The Swords of Ditto is a compact action RPG that creates a unique adventure for each new hero explore delightful but dangerous overworld brave mine sing dudgeons and improve your hero in a charming village during your quest to overcome evil the planks the island unforgettable adventure filled with delightful characters extra out at historic battles each adventure becomes its own legend both distinct from those that came before minds together the deeds successes and failures of each year olds adventure have implications for those that will be a building to find weapons and recover loot from history's fallen heroes collected equip stickers to boost up your hero keep Wales port right from the start.

Pascal's Wager

Next up we got Pascal's Wager is an action role-playing game with the style of dark the game provides players with top-notch picture quality and a feast for the senses get the game with the world is shrouded by dark mist wear light is dim and mysterious people there become lunatic and nobody knows the secrets behind that players can play multiple characters storyline various hidden areas of the map along the way unbelievable all the while being crushed by magnificent soundtrack performed by a world-class orchestra.

Stick fight Battle

Stick fight Battle mobile game it advocates that use of painting style and hardcore arcade-style to give fighting lovers a space to show themselves at the same time it has been optimized for the mobile device easy to use control operation space also understand that love biting uncompromising experience the thrill of a 3 minute K sword and the king of fighting delighted fight for the real skills. 
Gado Fight

Gado Fight is a non-value & real-time versus fighting mobile game. It advocates the use of ink painting style and hardcore arcade-style to give fighting lovers a space to show themselves. At the same time, it has been optimized for mobile devices. The easy-to-use control and high operation space also allow more players to understand the charm of fighting games. Love fighting, uncompromising, experience the thrill of a 3-minute KO and become the king of fighting! Delighted! Fight for real skills!

Mission Ammunition

Let's have some first impressions on Mission Ammunition, an action game made by Quantized Bit! This game is very challenging and has no checkpoint so be armed with patience because you will have to restart the levels a lot of times. The last boss in this video (named "Driller Killer") is so tough I still don't see how to beat it (if someone can tell me how, big karma to him/her, because shooting the red engine from the back seems pretty impossible as I have no time to do so).

Final Word
OK everyone thank you so much for reading if you like that post please don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe to this blog will see you in the next post.

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games in 2020 | Best android Games